Saturday, November 22, 2008

The best exercise

My husband, daughter, and I took a trip to the local beach this morning. I've been dying to ride a surrey for the longest time (a surrey is a bike-like transport vehicle with 4 wheels, think Fred Flintstone car). We rented it for an hour and rode up and down the beach path. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I think my husband finds me a little insane for this. Not only was I having fun and relaxing, but I was also getting some physical activity in without really thinking too much about it. That's what made me think to write this spin-off blog from the last one about "The best diet". I also think that some of the best exercise is that which you don't really think about doing. It's the stuff that you enjoy or fit into your day and that you don't dread. Here's to movement...


Samantha said...[Reply to comment]

Seriously, the little one is getting SO big!

And yay for Family Fun and Exercise!

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