Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's on your workout playlist?

Photo credit: ~~Tone~~ (flickr)

Have you ever felt like checking out early during a workout?  Or maybe you feel like picking up the pace, but you just can't seem to bring yourself to do so?  One thing that gets me through those workout humps is music.  Music drives my workouts, so one of the best workout-related investments I've ever made was my iPod nano.  The great thing about the iPod or other mp3 players, like Zune, is that you can create special playlists with your favorite workout songs, and you can change them often.  For my runs, I usually like to start out with something a little slower paced, and then a few minutes into it, I really like to kick it into high gear.  I find that I change my pace according to the beat, and I love that.  I'll sometimes find myself mentally starting to drag.  However, a new, high energy song comes on, and it gives me the extra push that I need.  When I'm ready to take it down a notch, then I can cool down to some slower tunes.  It's fantastic.

I was on a run last night when I realized that I need some fresh music to add to my playlist.  Fortunately, I have some extra money leftover from a lovely iTunes gift card that I received (great gift for iPoddies, by the way), so I thought I'd spruce up my playlist with your help.  So, let's do a little playlist share.  Here's what I have on my playlist.  (And yes, I am aware that this list may very well put me in the runners hall of shame with some of the choices.  Forgive me!)
What's on your playlist? What do I need on mine?


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