Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Funny Valentine

Photo credit: Michelle Loy. Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

My daughter's preschool class celebrates Valentine's Day today with a Valentine's Exchange.  I knew that I wanted to share an extra little treat along with her Valentine's Card, but it wasn't going to be candy or sweets.  When it comes to holiday celebrations for the little ones, I always try to think outside of the "sugary goodie" box for treats.  I'm working on setting a new trend that teaches kids that holidays aren't about food (even if it might just be my kids that get this message).  They're more about family, friends, and fun!  Many times I don't include food at all with holiday or party treats. I stick with non-food goodies, like stickers, pencils, crayons, erasers, balls, or temporary tattoos.  That's what I opted for today:  a miniature can of Playdoh, mini-deck of Crazy 8 cards, and mini-bubbles.  To get ideas, I just had to get into the mindset of a 3 year old.  What would a 3 year old like?  Another option is to include more nutritious goodies, like dried fruit, fruit leathers, or trail mix.  In fact, I saw another child bring clementine oranges along with a card for each kiddo today.  That was nutritiously cool, in my opinion!  

So, parents, how do you handle holiday treat-giving?  What non-food or more nutritious goodies do you include in your child's party packs?  


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